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Night and weekend care in early childhood education and care

The city of Turku can arrange scheduled day care in the evenings, weekends, or round-the-clock.


When your child needs scheduled day care because of your work or study schedule, the city of Turku can arrange it in the evenings, weekends, or round-the-clock. Locations offering scheduled day care are situated around Turku.


Scheduled day care is arranged for children whose early childhood education agreement has been recorded as having a need for it. When applying for scheduled day care, please include a certificate of your work or studying schedule.

User Instruction

The application can be made on the internet. If internet access is not available, a printable form can be filled and sent. The form can also be filled at the early childhood education service desk at Marketplace Monitori. Help filling out the form can be provided through phone, or at the service desk.

Charge Information

Please provide your income receipts. They will be used alongside your family size to calculate the early childhood education fee.

What are the different ways to get this service?

Day care centres and other service locations

Asemanseudun päiväkoti (Käsityöläiskatu 20)

Go to service location
02 330 000

Käsityöläiskatu 20
20100 TURKU

Asemanseudun päiväkoti (Sairashuoneenkatu 1)

Go to service location
050 313 1755

Sairashuoneenkatu 1
20100 TURKU

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